Introduction to WebXR Presentation

On December 7th, 2021 I gave an Intro to WebXR Presentation to the Phoenix VR for Good group. This presentation describes the Web APIs that make XR possible on the web. It touches on the existing technologies that simplify development of WebXR applications and shares two example applications from three.js and A-Frame. Intro to WebXR Presentation - Live Presentation Intro to WebXR Presentation Source - Check the file

Webxr Stack Diagram

I am working on an Intro to WebXR presentation for the Phoenix VR Meetup group. As part of this I’ve been trying to make a diagram of the WebXR technology stack. These sorts of things are always oversimplifications. With feedback from several people on the WebXR Discord, I was able to come up with a decent diagram which is shown below. This diagram is split roughly into the blue/green “Application Layer”, the orange “Browser Layer” and the red “Hardware Layer” at the bottom.

The Missing Link to the Metaverse

Last week Tony Parisi shared the Seven Rules of the Metaverse which Kent Bye (host of the Voices of VR Podcast) endorsed as “Tony Parisi’s Metaverse Manifesto”. These seven rules and the entire manifesto really resonated with me and bear repeating here. Rule #1. There is only one Metaverse. Rule #2: The Metaverse is for everyone. Rule #3: Nobody controls the Metaverse. Rule #4: The Metaverse is open. Rule #5: The Metaverse is hardware-independent.